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If you are searching for Bid requests in New York State, The Bidders Guide is your best source around. We have been doing this since 1966 and have processes in place that make sure you get timely notification of Request for Proposals, Request for Quotes and Bid Requests from NY State Agencies, Counties, School Districts, Fire Districts, Local Housing Authorities and more.

Last year alone we collected over 23,000 Bid Requests and almost 30% of those bids could not be found online. We find RFP requests from small town municipalities that still do not use the internet to publish their requests. By NY State law they only need to publish them in a local newspaper.

Every year Billions of dollars are spent by NY State Municipalities. They buy everything from automobiles to voting machines. If your company is looking to expand or save time on searching for leads, you have come to the right place! Bidders Guide Publications is the pioneer in finding Bid Requests and no one beats us at it!

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