More Then Just the Request

Finding bid requests is not the end of it.  Legal ads often lack critical information or are long and confusing.  Requiring additional time to research and receive the documents needed.

 We Make Sure You Have Updated and Accurate Information:

  • Contact Names
  • Title and Address
  • Phone Numbers and Email
  • Links to Any Additional Documents
  • Links to Agency Websites for Additional Information

If it is available from other sources, we confirm it is valid and add it to our reports.  No more searching or making numerous calls just to find the right person.  If you are spending more then 5 minutes looking for bid requests or trying to find the specifications, that is 5 minutes to long!  Let us do the work and you get the results.


 Private Job Requests

We accept job requests from our customers and share them with the Bidders Guide community.  Not only do you find projects from municipalities but from qualified businesses that need work completed at the best possible price.



 Value Added Features

  • Email Notification of New Bid Requests
  • Calendars to Track Bid Requests, Open Dates & Meetings
  • Support Via the Contact Form, Email or Phone
  • Partners in Success - Companies we have teamed up with to provide additional services to our customers.

Partners In Success

We believe it takes a team to succeed and that is why we have partnered with other companies to expand opportunities for our clients.   If your company would like to join this program please Contact Us today!


ThomasNet DiversityThomasNet Diversity


Planning on bidding on that project and the contract has Diversity Requirements? ThomasNet has that covered. Search their extensive database of Certified Businesses to find your next supplier.

ThomasNet has a wide range of services to help businesses succeed. If you would like to learn more contact us now!  With over 100 years of helping businesses!

Minority & Quality Certified Suppliers



BGP App Services

Does your business have issues with off the shelf applications that don't meet your needs?  We maybe able to help!  We can help build custom Access Databases, Online Web Apps, and Hosting Plans for your business.