Terms of Use

  1. Private Bid Request (PBR) is a service provided by Bidders Guide Publications (BGP) and is a lead generation service.  By using this service you agree and acknowledge the conditions listed below.  
  2. PBR is intended to be a lead generation service only.  We will post your bid request in our regular reports and database only available to our subscribers.  Any documents you would like to store on our website will be made available to our subscribers only.  Documents will be held in a secure area on the website.  BGP will not be held responsible for documents in any way.  It is the requester's responsibility to make sure they have appropriate backup of any documents.  We do not back up these documents in any way.  We strongly recommend you store them on your website and provide a link to them instead.
  3. BGP will remove all requests and related documents one week (7 days) after the due date. All bid requests must have a due date.  See below for posting request requirements.

Account Requirements

  1. Be a current BGP subscriber or
  2. Provide valid company contact (verified by email or phone call) and Federal ID #.  A employee of the company must be provided for contact purposes.

Bid Request Information Requirements

The following information will be required:

  1. A Bid Due Date which must be at least two (2) weeks from your posting date and no more then 6 weeks from the post date.  BGP reserves the right to remove any request after 42 days.
  2. Name or department to contact for bid documents and/or questions.  If you have different contacts for different purposes (i.e. get documents or ask questions about project) you must provide that information.  BGP will publish up to two (2) contacts for each project request.
  3. Phone number and email address.
  4. Company Name.
  5. BGP may provide further information about your company at our discretion.  By posting a request you are giving  BGP the right to publish (but not limited to) website address, all social network addresses, fax numbers, general email addresses, or any publicly available information about your company.
  6. BGP can not be held responsible for any misrepresentation of your request.  BGP will make every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided.  Please report typos or misprints immediately and BGP will provide a correction notice on the next report date.

Not held liable statement

The Private Bid Request is only a for lead generation purposes and materials provided to subscribers are copyright protected and BGP reserves  all rights reserved for that copyright.  BGP is not actively involved in decisions, negotiations, guarantees of service or any day to day operations of any company either posting a request or the potential bidders.  BGP can not be held liable for anything other then our service we provide which is posting bid requests on pdf, rtf and database formats on our solely owned websites bg-p.com and biddersguidepublications.com.  BGP will make ever effort to provide those services.

 Illegal activity will not be tolerated and BGP will cooperate in any criminal investigation with the proper authorities.  BGP reserves the right to refuse service or posting of bids to our discretion.  BGP does not sell contact information to third parties but reserves the right to use said contact information in marketing efforts for BGP or other future services provided by BGP.  All contact information gathered in this process becomes the intellectual property of BGP.